4 Shows in one week- two in one night!!

On Tuesday, I took a last minute trip to Whittier to see "HoBoLeMa"- Allan Holdsworth, Terry Bozzio, Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto at a small theater that holds Prog concerts. The show consisted of the band doing two full hours of full improvisation.    Bozzio’s kit was INSANE, Allan played a Steinberger, Pat had a small kit and a laptop with some sound pads (he played a cymbal with a violin bow, which was cool) and Tony played the Chapman stick and electric upright (with and without a bow). It started on time and ended at a pretty decent hour, which was nice. We had sixth row seats right in the center- quite nice.    It was 4 dudes just going to town- no holds barred style.   Parts of it hooked up and parts really lost people, but it was a pretty surreal experience (I found it rather therapeutic and I was completely sober.)   I got to go backstage with some friends of Terry’s (thanks, Mark, Chandler, Al and Dean!), which was way cool.  Terry was a totally cool dude- I can’t believe he’s 59. The drummer from Tool (Danny Carey- bottom right) was back there as well as a bunch of other killer drummers that jam together. Tons of talent in that room. We didn’t stay long, but it was a great way to end the evening.    Almost everyone in this picture is a drummer and all four guys in the front are amazingly talented pros.

 All shots from that show from my phone (I did the best I could, but they’re your typical bad phone pics!)- http://cid-0c8ab71154a2511b.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!C8AB71154A2511B!935.entry

On Friday, I went to see the Steve Morse Band (for at least the 10th time over the years) at the Canyon in Agoura (a much nicer town than Whittier, I may add). The opener was named Sarah Spencer and Angelfire, so I looked it up beforehand to see if I should show up late or not.    It turns out that Steve Morse plays classical guitar for the album (the entire SMB does) and he actually opened the show playing tunes with her. Not knowing this, most of the people were stunned when he walked on stage. It was a good 35-40 minute set. Then, right around 9, Steve Morse hit the stage. They tore through some of their tunes and Dregs tunes. They played tons of killer songs in all different styles. Dave LaRue is one of the best bass players ever. They play perfectly together and both used some really cool effects .  This definitely ranks up there with some of the best times I’ve seen them in concert.   Steve Morse is easily the most versatile guitarist in the business (he’s the guy you can’t see on the left- my phone never seems to take good pics at this venue).

Saturday evening, I was sitting at home with my wife and kid and decided to go see Styx at the last minute (they were playing at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza).   I probably looked pretty scummy.   I simply got up from the couch, grabbed my flip flops and keys and headed out to the show in shorts and a T-shirt.   I get there, find parking and go to the box office to buy a ticket.  I would have been happy with the worst seat there and was sort of planning sitting in the very back.   I end up getting a ticket in the front row center….   I looked so bad that I was almost embarrassed to be that close and knew a bunch of people I knew would see me.    Styx was my favorite band when I was a little kid, so it was a treat to see them in T.O.    I had a perfect monitor mix from the stage- it was awesome.    And the set list was right in front of me, so I grabbed it after the last song (hey- why not???).  I also got three picks and a bunch of pictures of the band.   They played a great show.
Right when it was over, I went back to the Canyon to see what was going on.   Right when I got there, the Voodoo Glow Skulls were playing.   They rocked and I dug it.  Having a horn section really packs a punch to their music.    I saw some friends there and they told me to stick around for Guttermouth.    I’m glad I did.   That singer is hilarious and the show was great.  He was so insulting and the music was surprisingly good.   I’m definitely in a punk rock/ prog mood now…. 




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